Hot & Cold Dispenser Sanitization Service

JOD 10.00
To maintain top quality of your dispenser, sanitization is fundamental to guarantee optimal dispenser hygiene. We offer a sanitisation service for your hot & cold dispensers on demand by our trained professionals. Recommended at least once a year.
Features and Benefits

Ozone based sanitiization for piping and water tanks of a cooler.

With time, dust and bacteria collect in the air inside the cooler's pipes and tank. The proliferation of these bacteria will usually change the smell and/or taste of water. These kind of bacteria grow as they come into repeated contact with water and can eventually became harmful and may even contribute to illness.

We strongly recommend conduct sanitization every 6 months with our trained professionals.

  • Cleaning and sanitization of the cooler's internal pipes with ozone. 
  • Sanitization of the cold and hot water taps and water tank using ozone.
  • Decalcification of the hot water pipes and both water tanks.

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